The holiday season is a time to spend more money, but this holiday season my spending was a little impaired.

I was supposed to spend money on some gadgets but was somehow thwarted.

a) Creative Air SFXI

The Creative Air was supposed to be released before before 2019, but it never did. Creative instead released a non-bluetooth version called Create SFXI Air C for gamers that failed to excite me. In fact, I got buyer’s remorse and cancelled my order forfeiting $20 my trouble.

Instead of buying the headphones, I went to the Popular Bookfest to test drive the system. The system performed as promised, converting a stream of sound into something that seemed like it came from multiple directions. There was a major problem with the test drive. The headphone is a $800 EMU Teak headphone that already sounded awesome even without the enhancements.

This reminded me of the those HMV days when