It just became 1,000 yen more expensive to travel to Japan, but it sure is not going to deter us from visiting that beautiful country ?
With the new departure tax being implemented, many are wondering how it will be charged.
So we did some research and tried to answer some possible questions below:

Q1. How will it be charged?
A1. It will be charged when you buy your air tickets. The tax is automatically included in the plane ticket you buy

Q2. Is it a tourist tax?
A2. It is not. It is charged on every passenger travelling out of Japan – tourists and Japanese are all charged that 1,000 yen tax

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S1. Buys a ticket now, fly to & from Japan before 7th.
A1. No need to pay the 1,000 yen departure tax

S2. Buys a ticket now, fly to Japan & returns on the 7th.
A2. Needs to pay the 1,000