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Tip 10:On Insurance
Buy Term Insurance + Personal Accident Insurance. Buy Hospitalisation Insurance. Buy Mortgage Insurance, if you have any outstanding mortgage loans  Invest the rest. Do not buy Life Insurance. Do not buy ILP, Investment-Linked Products Mixing Protection ( essentially, Insurance ) & Investment in a product, e.g.. ILP, Life Insurance, Endowment Plan, is a terrible idea because these events are mutually exclusive & it should not cause liquidation. Cheapest Term Insurance in SG: Aviva SAF(The only good thing that NS has provided) This is the first insurance you should get if you don’t have any for Death & TPD. ( Total Permanent Disability )
Tip 11: Growth-Centric / Dividends-Centric?
If you are near retirement age, opt for dividends-centric stocks / Bonds ETF.  Generally, you buy stocks for growth gains, not dividends. One of the most dangerous things an investor can do to a