On 12 December 2018, CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust’s (CMMT) stock price is trading at RM 1.02 an unit, the lowest in 5 years and a 28% drop from RM 1.42 an unit one year ago.

Source: Google Finance

So, should we buy CMMT?

If you are interested to invest in CMMT because you opine that it is cheap, hold onto your horses. I think, it is wise to first do a post-mortem on CMMT to check out possible reasons for its fall in stock price and evaluate its abilities to make a comeback from this setback before investing into it. Therefore, here are 7 main things to know about CMMT before you make any investment decision on it.

#1: Sungei Wang

CMMT has 205 parcels of retail units in Sungei Wang, a popular 11-storey retail mall at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. CMMT has received lower revenues from its