Market Trends (7th Jan 2018)

The markets have been on a tear and are currently on a great recovery since our last write up. The Dow Jones Index correction have actually reached my target of a 20% fall from the peak (Low of 21450) which I have predicted in this write up, “Evaluating Past Crisis”. However, it took almost an entire year since the post was penned in February 2018 whereby the markets work very well with the buy on dips strategy during the whole of 2018. There were a few more follow-up write-ups, “Is US Market a Bargain?” and “Is this the Perfect Storm?” since September 2018 (Dow is almost near their all-time high) advising clients to be on the defensive side.

Coming back to current times, there are lots of factors in play that could affect the markets and markets are getting really volatile as we come into