SingSaver is giving away up to $50,000+ of FREE CASH for this month as an early incentive for Chinese New Year 2019. Are you in or are you in?

Wait, what’s happening?!

In case you’re clueless, the last few months have seen me battle it out with Aaron of The MileLion (an obsessed miles junkie) over whether cashback or air miles credit cards are more superior.

Obviously there’s a place and time for both sort of cards, and you’ve seen me made that distinction very clearly on this blog before, but today, it is time for everyone in Singapore to pick a side and show your loyalty.

How come there’s so much cash?!

The game mechanics are simple.

$$ Method 1: Sign up for a card

You just need to join the right side by applying for a cashback card here, and then let SingSaver know here on how to send your sign-up gift to