OK so here’s a look at Dec 2018’s expenses… And I’ll compare it against Mar 2018 expenses cos that’s the first time I started really tracking my expenses more diligently.

It’s pretty cool that the main basic expenses, food and transport, has remained mainly constant.
Food expenses has been pretty normal under $300, transport at around $50.
Typically, the highlighted numbers would remain under $500 every month.
This is important cos these numbers are the numbers which will be our retirement number should my wife decide to stop working.

In Dec we spent a couple of days in KL for my wife’s biz trip, food expense was $175.30.
Quite expensive cos my wife wanted to try some new restaurants. But she gets whatever she wants so…
Anyway when we were in KL, she received an email requesting for her to fly to Paris…

So… we had a last minute trip to Paris and I was dragged along as