This Chinese New Year, SingSaver is launching its BIGGEST credit card promotion campaign ever. It is a campaign that truly divides loyalties as the battle lines have clearly been drawn. SingSaver is pitching Cashback credit cards against Air Miles credit cards. The rewards for this unique campaign are massive, so make sure you pick the correct side. And that means you ought to be on #teamcashback this Chinese New Year.

For SingSaver’s 2019 Chinese New Year (‘CNY’) campaign, they have asked the financial bloggers to pick a side. Readers would know that Heartland Boy frequents cashback, discount and comparison websites all the time. In fact, he proudly wears the heart of #teamcashback on his sleeve. Therefore, it was a rather moot question from SingSaver. But how would you know if you belong to #teamcashback?

Are you someone who:

appreciates convenience prefers tangible rewards is practical and sees value