Until the Millenials developed Tinder, dating was not a straight-forward process for guys in my generation. An entire generation of men were emotionally scarred by the Social Development Unit or SDU.

I was, fortunately, not a victim of this government initiative. Instead, after being burnt by a match-making attempt by my parents, I developed my own quantitative approach towards meeting women.

( This is why I have a family today in spite of being D&D otaku and troll. That story is something I will tell another day. )

Some of my friends were not so lucky as to escape the clutches of SDU.

Seduced by cheap government-sponsored dating activities, many of my friends fell into the trap of attending SDU events, some retained their sanity long enough to tell me their tales of woe. Through the horrors experienced by my friends, I have heard tales of people so unattractive, boring or so disagreeable, they