Achieving your Halal financial goals in Singapore is like driving a car.
After driving for some time, Alhamdulillah… finally you reach your destination safely.

There are 7 simple yet IMPORTANT things that you need to have to ensure that you reach your destination safely.

I have created the infographic below to sum up this blog post. ?

1) You need to know where you are

If you call me today. And you ask me…

“Helmi. How do I get to Masjid Al-Islah at Punggol?“

The first thing that I will ask you immediately is,
“Where are you now?” ?

Similarly, in finance,
you got to first know where you stand exactly in terms of your personal finance.

You can create your personal networth statement and personal cashflow statement.
In short, your networth is Your Total Assets minus your Your Total Liabilities.

Your Final cashflow is Your Total Inflow minus your Your Total Outflow.

What is your PERSONAL NETWORTH (excluding the house you are staying) now?
How about your cashflow? Do you have a positive