It’s time for Chinese New Year spring cleaning again. Whenever such occasion comes, my void deck’s lift landing would be filled with an unsightly mess of household items and furniture thrown out by the residents. The variety ranged from plants, stationery, dining chairs, tv consoles, to even Phua Chu Kang’s boots (yup the yellow ones)!

Many of those household items were worn and dirty but they still seemed to be in working condition. While I look at these items, uncontrollably, images of third world countries suddenly flashed by in my mind- where people stay in makeshift huts, children have no shoes to wear and families do not even have chairs or cushion to sit on at home. Singapore is a society of abundance indeed, but also a place of much waste.

Looking around us, material wastes don’t just come from households. Even at the workplaces, we are generating tons of stuff