Monday (7/1/19):

This is a very dreaded week as it is the week after all the holidays. Haha, this means we are back to 5 days work week.

My alarm rings and I reluctantly get out of bed to get ready for the day.

I leave for my workplace at 7.30am and tap into the station before 7.45am to get the discount for my transport.

I pay $0.72 for my trip to work.


Lunch time and I am eating my lunch that I prepared the night before.

I ended work at about 6.45pm and my journey back cost $1.22.

Tuesday (8/1/19):

Same routine as Monday except that today I meal prep for Wednesday and Thursday’s lunch.

On Sundays I would prepare lunch for Monday and Tuesday.


I forgot to take a photo for the Monday and Tuesday lunch but it’s similar to the photo below except that it was beef and not chicken.


I manage to end work on time and