I can argue that Aristotle is the philosopher who inspired all of quantitative investing. Even before the establishment of modern financial markets.

Aristotle created a framework of inquiry that is relevant even today, his ten categories being : Substance, Quantity, Qualification, Relative, Where, When, Being-in-position, Having, Doing and Affection. By inventing these categories, it is possible to classify everything under the sun. Once a set of objects can be categorised, we can start hypothesising about the relationship between these objects.

Naturally, in this modern world driven by data, a good working theory can result in extraordinary profits.

To bring this discussion down to earth, I have been experimenting with folks who show up for my previews. As my quantitative models have been working pretty as of late, I want to see whether the same quantitative discipline can be used to learn more about folks who are passionate about learning about investment. This is