In case you haven’t heard, the O-Level results for 2019 are out.

And just in case EVERYONE hasn’t told you enough, here’s a recap of your choices:

Junior College (JC) Polytechnic (Poly) Millennia Institute (MI) Institutes of Technical Education (ITE)

So JC, Poly, or ITE? And how much would it cost for you to attend any of the above options in the first place?

Read on to find out.

TL;DR: JC, Poly, MI, Or ITE? Which One To Attend And How Much Does It Cost? JC or MI: If you need a structured system and your end goal is university Poly: If you prefer a hands-on approach to education and want to be ready for the realities of the world (university’s still an option though) ITE: If you’re driven enough, you could excel, enrol in poly and ultimately attend university   Cost Per Month JC S$33

As much as S$335 for