There’s a common belief among the older generation that you can’t go wrong buying property in land-scarce Singapore.

To be fair, their perspective is not without credit. The Merdeka generation – people born in the 1950s to 1960s – experienced tremendous property wealth growth by simply buying HDB flats.

The same thing can no longer be achieved today. The Singaporean economy has matured and the time for such explosive growth is past.

We will never be able to experience the same massive capital gains buying a HDB flat in current times. Treating your HDB flat as an investment is a horrible idea.

But is it reasonable to buy a HDB flat as a home?

Of course it is.

The trouble isn’t buying a home.

It’s how you buy it.

Pay for it the wrong way and you can end up in a nightmarish scenario where,

You’re Short Hundreds of thousands of