2018 came and go in a flash and i am “shocked” that my last update on this blog was on 26 Aug 2018! My sincere apologies and one of my 2019 resolutions is to blog and share my thoughts more often before my ‘fans’ forget who Mr. IPO is (of course the boring IPO market here is not helping)! ?

Having said that, why have I been so quiet .. ? well, my current job requires me to travel quite a lot and so much so that i am out of the country at least once every month… One of my “goal” for 2019 is to earn at least 200,000 miles from both work and credit card spending. It is funny i set targets for everything including the air miles ✈

Since this is the start of 2019, let’s take a quick stock of how my 2018 goals performed. You can read about