I received a comment recently. And I was wondering whether I should write about it.
But I thought the comment had good learning points. Or at least it made me think more about things.
The amazing thing is, sometimes, we can find life lessons in the smallest of things.

So commenter Bart compared me to AK71. I don’t read his blog so I went over and skimmed a little bit. Apparently AK71 makes $15k dividend a month. Meaning it’s likely he has a portfolio of around $3m according to my estimations. AND he retired at 30+. Woah!

The thing is, I didn’t feel any pang of jealousy.

You see, when I left the workforce, I already knew more or less how it was going to be.
I decided that I wasn’t going to compare with others and what I felt was enough, was enough and I could take it easy from then on.

When we are in