I have been using OCBC 360 account since 2015 as its interest mechanism and returns work best for me, in a fuss free manner too. Based on my needs and financial situation, I have always treated the money in OCBC 360 account as my emergency fund (i.e. not investment fund). After many years of working and saving, my balance exceeded $70,000. From then on, I allotted the excess money into CIMB FastSaver account to earn 1.0% return in a fuss free manner (the 1% is capped at $50,000). Every year, OCBC reviews and revises the interest mechanism and although the returns decrease each time, it is still the best option for me. In Nov 2018, OCBC the interest mechanism was revised yet again. This time, for once, the returns seem to be more flavourable for me. Basically, if you have more money in your 360 account, it will be more