There’s a ton of information on the web out there if you google “dividend investing”.

The hard part about all of it this: How the hell do you know who should be trusted?

The answer is to find the people who make public their:

track record portfolio returns.


So YOU can learn and profit from their experience, journey, knowledge, and ideas.  

Here are four dividend investing bloggers who can do exactly that.

Dividend Investing Hero #1 – Brian Halim

His Portfolio Size: SGD$853, 984

Total Portfolio Size $853,984 Total Dividends (2018) $42,972 Dividends per month on average for 2018 $3581

Brian runs a blog at ForeverFinancialFreedom and he’s targeting retirement by age 35. A fundamentals-based investor, he believes in buying good businesses that are undervalued which provide dividends.

It is also important that companies pay out dividends to shareholders. As a business grows, it eventually leads to growing dividends, and