Have been doing some investigations into 5G Technology. This is the biggest concern on whether is overall plus or negative to NetLink NBN Tr in regard to Home Network.
5G can run hundred of times faster than current 4G. If is just for Video, 4G is enough today. So it has to offer more than that such as latency, VR, Iot and remote services. It can also put less  reliant on cable to remote places which will be costly to lay.

For Singapore which is heavily built up, Home Fibre Optics connection is almost everywhere. So will 5G replace fibre optics home network ? A few consideration comes to my mind.

1. 5G tech runs on MilliWaves. What this means literally is that even trees can block your transmission signal. So walls is no no. With condo and HDB everywhere, transmission is tough.
2. High dense cells network needed and they have to run