One of the hottest topics you’d hear from a bunch of millennials or young adults who are looking to settle down: “Should I go for a BTO or a resale flat?”

Whether it’s you and your Significant Other, or hearing a friend grouse about the waiting times of his latest BTO… it’s definitely a topic that we pretty much can’t escape. (Much like all the NS-talk, right girls?!)

Besides HDB housing loans, there are also these CPF loans which are loans dedicated to aid Singaporeans in securing their (mostly) first home.

BTO and Resale Flats   BTO Resale Waiting Time 3-5 years ASAP Ave. Price (4-rm flat) $311,000 $457,000 Renovation Usually more exp. Usually less exp. Ave. Size 90sqm 104sqm Location Pre-defined Your preference Lease Period 99 years Shorter than 99-years 1. BTO: Brand new HDB Flats

These are the most common type of flats offered by our