Heartland Boy could still vividly the evening when Heartland Girl came hopping into their bedroom showing two lines across the pregnancy test kit. Of course, Heartland Boy leapt with joy at the thoughts of becoming crowned a dad. As unromantic as it sounds, the impending reality that Heartland Boy would soon have a dependent sank in very quickly. A nicer way of putting it is that Heartland Boy has strong innate paternal instincts. He soon rang up his insurance agent to request for a holistic review of the family’s insurance policies. The aim is to ringfence risks so that the family has a strong financial protection. His agent raised the red flag that Heartland Boy did not have any disability income insurance. After a thorough explanation of this insurance product, Heartland Boy wholeheartedly agrees that disability income insurance should not be overlooked, especially for individuals with dependents.

Why Disability