If any of you noticed, I have recently sold 2 Put Options in my recent transactions for Axos Financial.

Figured I pen down what I read up on.

I recently was interested again in Options after starting to dip my toes into the US markets, particularly by TTI’s post here. Not to mention Warren Buffett sells long term European Puts.

I do remember long time back, there’s quite a few trainers who teach them, Sean Seah VIOS, Clement Chiang Live Freely, etc, but I didn’t have much time to do much reading up except tiny bits here and there.

Do note that I’m completely new to Options and this post is just about what I understand and what makes sense to me.

And do be very CAREFUL when implementing as it could be rather risky

Options kinda work as an insurance contract where it is the right, not the obligation to buy or sell shares