The initial plan was to let CZM finish all her itinerary posts first before ending it with the big question – how much did we spend in total? Unfortunately, CZM is getting busier with her work so I shall share the total expenses for the honeymoon trip first.

A quick recap Рwe spent 15 nights 15 days in the United States and 1 day (~7/8 hours) in Japan during the layover.

Surprise, surprise. This was actually our highest expense. We rented a Mercedes Benz Convertible for about $2k. The rest of the expenses were fuel, subway, coach/buses, and Uber.

We went to 3 different outlets and bought quite a lot of stuff either for ourselves or our family. Brands such as Coach and Kate Spade were having 70% sale due to the Black Friday week. We also went to Google Store and bought some shirt and bag. lol. This includes food items