When it comes to our children, we want only the best. But what happens when work calls and we’re unable to take care of our children personally, as much as we would like to?

It’s a tough situation that many young, new parents find themselves in, especially so when both are working adults. No doubt, there are solutions available such as getting assistance from your parents, sending your child to childcare centres, hiring maids or part time baby sitters.

But really, how much will these solutions realistically cost you?

Let’s break it down.

TL;DR: Costs of different child care services

From government funded to privately hired, there are a range of services that parents can look at it.

For ad-hoc assistance, baby sitters/nannies are perfect (Age 1 onwards) For immediate-after-delivery assistance, confinement ladies are optimal (Age 0 to 4 months) For full-time assistance, maids are a good alternative (Age 0