5th Feb 2019 would be the first day of the Lunar New Year.

For me, it will also be my year as I am born in the year of the pig, Oink Oink.

With the weeks following up to CNY, many of my colleagues and my mum changed new notes to give out during CNY.

With the changing of new notes, DBS bank has actually introduced a angbao with a QR code which would then allow the moneyto be digitally transferred. 

Good initiative but for many, cash is still much more shiok to receive.

Every year, I would help my grandmother to bao her angbao as she is getting old and forgets how many she needs.

Getting to organise her angbao for her brings back memories because when I was younger and my mum was not able to buy a flat, we stayed with her and she would take care of our daily meals and also