Every body makes money from property in the long run.

However, the narrative through the process and at the end is always different.

And its often something people gloss over because what is important is that they made money isn’t it?

Regularly, the Online Citizen profiled people who have a lot of grievance about the incumbent government, and would like their fellow citizens to think wisely. Sometimes it is finance related, and that is something I would write about. (since Investment Moats is not politically neutral but doesn’t write about it)

This article, is from a “forgotten PAP supporter” (FPS for short) and sought to warn you and me that if we are thinking about getting our executive condominium (EC), we should think well.

Not every one of us will benefit from our government policy and competence.

FPS says he was “enticed” by HDB to buy an EC, Windermere in