Here’s an uncommon tip to save $ for that once-in-a-life-time event: buy your wedding ring at a tax-free place — Changi Airport. That’s right, I did buy my ring there and saved 7% * $10,000 = $700 worth of GST.   Plus you can accumulate iChangi points and use them to redeem for lounge access and Entertainer 1-for-1 membership.

My monthly expenses are still pretty much the same as ever, albeit with some slight changes after my wife moved in to stay put with me at my parents’ place. The usual expenses: 1. Eating out : We have to eat out for lunch/dinner during workdays and “date nights”. We still stick to hawker food or Subway as cheap alternatives to restaurants. I estimate this to be $100-$150 per pax, barring any special occasions.  2. Groceries: I have greatly reduced my consumption of alcohol nowadays, thus saving about $20-$50 worth of beer each