TikTok’s viral growth has been superbly impressive. But what does its success mean for more established competitors like Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram? We’ve analysed the latest download trends to assess potential outcomes.

– February 6, 2019

Tiktok’s huge rise in popularity is no secret. In fact, it has been so successful in gaining users that its owner Bytedance overtook as the most valuable startup in the world only a few months ago. However, what might be less fully appreciated is just how much impact TikTok could potentially have on more established social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Below, we examine the latest download data of these apps and discuss a few potential outcomes that could result from this app’s explosive growth.

TikTok Overtaking Instagram in Asia, Catching Up in the Western Hemisphere

In parts of Asia, TikTok is already beginning to overtake Instagram in terms