It is no secret that I have been using AutoWealth to manage part of my portfolio, having made my first deposit on 20/10/2017. Since then, I’ve been making quarterly deposits and later, transitioned to monthly deposits.

I have always valued functionality over looks, and the previous version of the AutoWealth platform fulfilled most of my needs for information, even though it does look a little dated – a common feedback.

Two weeks back on 27/01/2019, AutoWealth platform v3.0 launched with a fresh new look! (I didn’t know there was ever v1.0 haha) Like I have mentioned, I thought that the original platform already had most of the much needed functionality but it was nice to know that the team is actively listening to feedback.

Fresh New Look

Fresh new look but more importantly, all of the core information I needed are right there. One thing I have noticed is the