Back in my mid-20s, I remembered starting my two-hour commute to work one day and thinking, “Why the [email protected]#$ am I doing this?” This was almost immediately followed by:

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Sounds familiar?

If you’ve ever had that conversation with yourself as you’re being “chauffeured” to work in your Mercedes-Benz or Volvo stretch limo (read: public buses). I feel you… So let’s find out how much you theoretically need to earn before you even think about buying an air freshener for your brand new car.

Disclaimer: the numbers and figures here are all based on assumptions and estimations, so feel free to adjust them accordingly to better reflect your situation.

TL;DR: Can I Even Afford To Buy A Car? The cheapest new car on the market right now is the Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (Auto) which goes for S$57,800 You need to cough up S$1,604.49 per month, on