Roses are red, violets are blue/Did you spend too much money this year? Yeah.. Us too.

Long, long ago a blissfully romantic tradition originated from a lesser known dark and bloody history. It apparently involved the Romans sacrificing a goat, matchmaking debauchery, and the execution of two men both named Valentine.

Whatever the story may be, the 3rd century martyrdom has long since been honored by the Catholic church, and February 14th has forever been in our hearts (unless SAD – Singles Awareness Day – occupies yours. It’s cool, we don’t judge).

Through the evolution of passing cute notes in primary school, to spending excess money on extravagant dinners (forget trying to see a movie), the modern tradition dictates that one can indeed buy love.

So how much do people spend on Valentine’s day? According to the research done by ECA International, an international data provider, Singapore ranks second on being one of