Source: Yahoo

Amidst the Lunar New Year festivities, the past few weeks could potentially be momentous for many M1 shareholders. This emanates from the ongoing voluntary general offer for M1 which will be closing on 18 Feb 2019. 

Having vested in M1 myself, I too am in a quandary over whether to accept the offer or not. You see, I have purchased it when i first started out learning the art of investing as a beginner. It was in 2015 when it was priced steeply above $3 per share. But I will probably save the tale of woe for another time. 

In this current predicament, we can grouse about the perceived unfair offer price or we can play the hands that we have been dealt. In this article, I will focus on the latter and lay out the decision tree on the course of actions that is available for