We made our first transactions for the year and you might have guessed it based on the title of the post.
After holding it for 512 days (~1+ years) and including all the dividends collected, the total return is -26.3% and the annualized return is -19.5%. CZM has been sharing lots of news on SingPost and insisted that we should sell SingPost. You know – happy wife, happy life.

– SingPost apologises after getting caught trying to trick man who paid S$7,000 to distribute flyers
SingPost fined S$100,000 for not delivering mail on time in 2017
– Mechanical fault caused letterboxes to be left open in Bedok

CZM’s point of view is their business will continue to decline because people don’t like doing business with unethical people/company? Regardless, looking at SingPost’s latest Q3 financial statement, it might be true to a certain extent.
At one glance, it may look like its business is improving with