“BTO already not?”

“When graduating ah? Getting married soon?”

“Y’all paktor how long already?”

We’re in the thick of Lunar New Year celebrations & house-visiting typically means having to go through interrogations like this.

It can all be very frustrating for a young couple, especially with the stress of schoolwork still looming over your heads during the festive season.

Since HDB has announced new measures allowing young couples (both above 21) to apply for a flat earlier, you might not get to use “Aiya Ah Ma, we’re still studying. Cannot BTO yet” as an excuse much longer.

TL;DR: Taking the next step, BTO before Marriage

For couples who are both full-time students, the process will be a bit different. The following guide is based on the assumption that you’re eligible for HDB BTO and/or have made an application.

We are also assuming that you’ll be