Continued from STI Analysis — Recap 2018 & Looking Ahead 2019.

STI closed 3269.90 on 22nd Feb 2019 on track with present analysis that it is in Minor wave 3 or to be exact SuperCycle wave 3, Cycle wave 3, Primary wave 3, Intermediate wave 1, Minor wave 3 (S3C3P3I1M3).

The above is generated from the Degree Calculator from Cycle degree with those already happened value highlighted.  The calculated Minor wave 3 is expected to end around 3479.897 if there is no wave 3 extension occurs. The above is the Main & Sub function of the Degree Calculator to calculate the breakdown of the Minor wave 3 structure with wave 0 at 2993.42 and wave 5 at 3479.897.  Those highlighted in yellow were values that have happened already and STI is now on track toward Minute wave 3 (sub degree of Minor) at 3436.310 as calculated.  Zooming in on the Minute