In my profession as a financial consultant,
I get to meet a lot of people.

People seeking financial advice from me on how to clear their riba based loans in Singapore.
(a number of them undergoing CCS program now).

Or seeking financial advice on how to save, accumulate and grow their money, the shariah compliant way in Singapore.

Most of them have 1 small yet troubling problem.
They don’t have money.

Whatever shariah compliant financial strategies I share with them, it remains difficult for them to have money.

The reason is not because they don’t have financial discipline.
And not because they are not committed to their financial goals.

The reason is simply because they don’t have a HIGH DISPOSABLE INCOME (money that goes inside your pocket every month).

So, today I want to share with you a topic that is close to my heart,
“7 Ways To Double Your Income, The Shariah Compliant Way in Singapore”