With over 700+ stocks listed in SGX, it’s not easy to keep tab of all the on-going developments such as Share buybacksAcquisitionsQuarterly Results and much more.

Moreover, these announcements can sometimes bring about a huge impact to the company’s future course of action. Stock investors who are “in the know” may be better equipped to perform the necessary due diligence or even re-visit the investment thesis if necessary.

With these in mind, we take a look at 3 companies with some interesting developments or news over the past week.

Centurion Corp inks 20-year Solar Power Agreement with Sunseap Group

On 25th Feb, Centurion Corp announced that it has signed a 20-year solar power purchase agreement for a workers dormitory in Singapore with Sunseap Group.

According to the press release, the solar photovoltaic system is expected to be ready by end-June 2019. Once completed, it will generate about 220,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually and offset 30% of ASPRI-Westlite Papan’s peak energy usage.

In monetary terms, the solar photo-voltaic system will help