Continued from STI Analysis —  the next peak and trough ? (40)

The previous analysis mentioned about STI could be in a 5th wave extension scenario for the Minor degree.  However, with STI closing below 3200 level, that situation has to be invalidated. 

In this analysis, going to re-organize things a bit.  The first thing is the bigger picture remains valid for STI, that is STI is now in SuperCycle wave 3, Cycle wave 3, Primary wave 3 and Intermediate wave 1, S3C3P3I1.  The question now is at which phase STI is in at the Minor degree.  As it is an ongoing process in the Minor degree, there should be no surprise several scenarios could occur.  At this junction the way STI is moving, the 2 most probable scenarios are as shown in the chart below.

 STI-1 (Magenta) Primary wave 2 was at 2955.68 and now in Primary wave 3, Intermediate wave 1,