Recently, I have been thinking of getting braces as my upper set of teeth is protruding out and kinda looks like bugs bunny.

With so many choices around, I started googling about what choices and where I should get my braces done.

Invisalign is increasingly popular nowadays as it is marketed as an invisible braces where you can wear clear aligners hence not having to wear the metal braces that can be more painful.

However, the price of Invisalign is high as $9000.

So while googling, I came across a few articles about braces review where an influencer blogs about her process of having braces with a certain doctor and how good the experience was.

I mean I do get influenced to use that doctor or product that she is recommending as she gives me the assurance that the process was smooth, not painful and great.

Same thing for Lasik, I also was googling it one