We hear it so often right? People say they don’t have enough time.
And most people say they can’t buy time.

But the thing is… most of us are already “buying” time.
Don’t believe me right?

You see, whenever you are buying convenience, you are by right, buying time.

Lazy to cook? Too troublesome? Too messy? Buy dinner from downstairs?
That’s buying time. Cos when I prepare my meals, I take an hour or so plus another 30 minutes of cooking. But if you buy food, it’s a snap of your fingers and dinner is ready.

If you hire a domestic helper, isn’t that similar?
You are tired after work, you want more time to rest, but many people need to do chores. If you don’t want to do chores, and you want more time to rest, then you can “buy” time to rest. By hiring a helper at home.

Take a bus, train, car to work? All of