Uncle8888 read this morning from FB and smiled ..

“a) I transferred my CPF-OA to CPF-SA because I don’t want my future girlfriend to see a single cent in my CPF-OA and push me to buy a private condominium. Today, I get over $10k from the CPF board on my interest alone for my SA and MA accounts.”


Read?Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospectives!!! (Time for a re-fresh)

Food for thought for some wives to unduly pressurize your hubby with such thought?

On Housing Upgrade

For years, he has resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade and he chooses to be debt free for the rest of his life without having sleepless nights over future economic and market cycles.

A man is not a man; until there is a house that he may call his castle. A