3 decades ago when talk about self-driving car, the usual response would be “aiya, sci fiction lah”.  Now, it is no longer a sci fiction but a possibility.

The world has 1G mobile phone in the 80’s (the 大哥大) which can only perform voice call but not everyone can afford it.  Then came 2G and 2.5G in the 90’s with mobile phone became a bit more affordable for everyone to own.  Apart from voice call, it was able to do text messaging.  3G became the norm at the turn of the 21st century with noticeable improvement in term of technology — a mobile phone that is touchscreen operated based on apps functioning like a mini PC that could do multimedia applications.  Apart from voice call and text messaging, it also leverages on social media application to connect people together.  Within a decade after 3G, 4G rolled out to give people with