Our thoughts about money have more power than we think.

For example, if we have positive thoughts about saving money, we’ll be motivated to accumulate money. When we are motivated, we will look for all sorts of creative ways to save money everyday and even feel good about it!

In a visual way, we can represent it like this:

Positive thoughts (“I can save money easily”) ? positive feelings (Motivated towards saving money) ? desirable actions (You look for ways to save money & also feel great about it)

But what if we have negative thoughts about money?

Examples of negative money thoughts are:

“Money is difficult to save – everything in Singapore is expensive.”
“I’m fated to be broke my entire life.”
“Rich people make money by cheating others.”
“I’m terrible at making money.”
“Money is the root of all evil.” (does this sound very familiar? =P)

Money in itself is a neutral