We all have to begin somewhere in life.

I have spent a large part of my younger life as a BBFA so I know that BBFAs have a strong affinity with the Financial Independence Movement.

Once of the core strengths of the BBFA is that they are not constrained by society’s judgement on their approach towards financial planning. This gives them the freedom to work towards building a pile of Fuck You Money without society making them feel bad for doing it.

One very effective way to achieve your financial goals is by gamification, so I decided to imagine what the BBFA RPG would roughly look like.

A BBFA’s prime attribute is Intelligence. BBFA’s generally have no use for Charisma.

The level advancement table should look like this.


Level Title Portfolio Size Passive Income / Month 1 Keyboard Warrior  $-    $-   2 MMORPG Maven  $20,000.00  $100.00 3 Data Hog  $40,000.00  $200.00 4 Gian Png Kia