Over the weekend, I saw a friend who was around my age driving a BMW to a lunch meeting. Knowing his background and current working history, I immediately knew that he was definitely stretching himself.

On top of that, he recently also bought a private condominium with his other half.

Unlike most Singaporeans who would fall prey to the 5Cs and probably be green with envy at this point. Only one thought came to me: “How much debt is he taking on right now?”

By my estimates, he’s probably in about $1.02M of Debt

Purchased a 3-room condominium ($900k committed home loan) Driving a big brand name car (BMW) ($120k committed car loan)

Of course, I didn’t blurt it out.

Being a part of Team Seedly, I decided to investigate further into the issue of people who look wealthy from the outside. But in reality, they are just Poor AF. #justsaying