While looking through my credit cards one day, I realised that the points and miles that I was accumulating on a couple of programmes were either expiring soon or the stuff that I could redeem for were damn cui.

40,000 points, or $4,000 spent, for an eco-friendly cup to hold coffee that I DON’T even drink in the mornings…

I’ll pass.

Miles sound great. But I’m not really a frequent traveller either. So how often will I earn enough miles for a flight, before my darned miles expire?

I decided then to switch to something more immediate. Something more tangible. I decided to find out what’s the best cashback credit card in Singapore.

Lucky for you, the editor forced me to I’m generously sharing the knowledge that I’ve gathered.

So the next time you walk into a bank or any credit card roadshow, this will be you:

Credit: Parks