It is always inspiring to look at Dividend Warrior’s blog. No bullshit and basically he just show you his CDP statement. A lot of bloggers wouldn’t be able to do that and half the time, you wonder if what they posted was true.

DW’s portfolio comprise a diversified pool of REITs and blue chip stocks. Stable portfolio that generates a nice compounded return. Congratulations for reaching a new milestone! 👍

How about Mr. IPO’s portfolio?

The way in which i constructed my portfolio over the last few years was different DW. I have previously blogged about the bond ladder in 2016 and i actually acted on it. 😂

Over the last 3 years, i have built up a bond portfolio that comprise investment-grade level bonds (not the Hyflux type) and as the bonds were of investment grade, I was able to finance new bonds using leverage. The bond portfolio generates annual income of around $65,000