Eh bro, you know how Seedly helps people to sort out their personal finance through the blog, asking questions on the Q&A, and track their expenses via the app?”, asked my friend one day.

“Erm… Yeah… Why?”

“Are you guys thinking of educating the more senior population?” she probed.

“Good point… Where’re you going with this?”

“What if. What if only ah. Not saying it’s me…” she paused for a second.

What if your parents’ financial planning and retirement plans are damn cui? And they’re just going on holidays and eating out at restaurants when they don’t have that much to retire on, to begin with. Would you support them?”

I noticed that her face was becoming increasingly red, “Well… I suppose I have to..?”

“They’re FINANCIALLY NEGLIGENT leh. Then it becomes YOUR problem,” she said while jabbing a finger into my shoulder.

“Fair meh? I think it’s damn important