Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are premarital agreements that couples make to determine what will happen to their possessions such as assets and debts should they, unfortunately, file for divorce.

Romantic? Not at all.

Practical? Most definitely.

And let’s be real. Nothing lasts forever. Not even true love. So what’s the point of getting married if you already have the preconceived notion of separating in the future?

The point here is understanding that anyone and anything can change in a heartbeat.

Feelings aside, here’s how you can protect yourself and your possessions in the case of a divorce. And yes, this applies to you, even if you don’t have $500 million to your name.

Source: giphy Key Takeaway About Prenups

You may only have $100 to your name but you should still get a prenup. It’s not simply about protecting yourself and your money but also assuring financial stability in